The Potato House Tour Winter ’13

Brrrr! It’s a cold one today in the ‘ville.  For my first post, I showed you guys some pictures of our house six years ago right before we bought it.  As promised, (Well, I kinda promised them a few days ago, but hey, I’m new at this and had some tech issues), here are a few pictures of our house after years of blood, sweat, tears, a twisted ankle, and an occasional electric shock.  It’s only a mini house tour, but it will give you some idea of the work we’ve done so far.  I’ll go through each room in a little more detail later.  Here’s the exterior:

Potato house new

Looks a little different, right?  We tore off all the old wood siding and replaced it with fiber cement siding, an awesome product that comes with the color already “baked in.”  We painted the trim, replaced the windows, (well, all except for that giant one in the front because it was ex-pen-sive) and tore out the old, scraggly bushes, replacing them with some hollies and azaleas.  My stepdad, his crew and I did the stamped concrete, herringbone brick walk leading up to the front porch. Me and three smelly dudes on a rainy, 90 degree day under a tarp stamping concrete. Sounds like a good time, huh? Yeah, it wasn’t, but it turned out really nice.  Again, this is what it looked like before:


Okay, let’s move inside. We took out the wall between the dining room and kitchen and blasted the plaster off of the non-functioning chimney.  We kept it there because we thought it looked kind of cool and with the bar top, still allows for a little separation between the two rooms.


This is what the kitchen and dining room look like now:

dining room blog 2

dining room blog


dining room bar

I’ve painted in here three times, and I’m itching to do it again.  I get tired of paint colors quickly. It’s weird.  Here are some other things I’d still like to do in here:

  • Buy or make a bigger dining room table.
  • Reupholster some really neat dining chairs I got for next to nothing at an estate sale.
  • Install some kind of crown molding at the top of the chimney to make it look a little more finished.
  • Finish the gallery wall by the bar with some of my own artwork or pieces from local artists or Etsy.
  • Replace those awful bar stools with new or thrifted ones.
  • Add some more lighting to the dining room.

I’m ready for some big changes in the living room.  I really like the wall shelves that Jeff and I made and the artwork, but I’m so over the color scheme.  I really want to freshen it up with a different wall color, some throw pillows, a light colored rug and some new drapes in cool colors.

living room

living room shelf

livingroom 2

 Here’s the rest of the first floor:

hallway down

hall bath down

down bath sink

The house originally had three bedrooms and one small bathroom upstairs.  We took the largest bedroom and made it into two, which are now Rosie’s room and her playroom/former nursery and we converted the smallest bedroom next to the master bedroom into our master bath.  I feel like the bathroom is pretty much done, but here are some things I’d like to do in our room:

  •  Make an upholstered headboard. Probably a super tufted one in a bright color.
  •  Find a large mirror or do a painting for the space over my desk.
  •  Make a cushion for or refinish the bench at the end of our bed.
  •  Change out the hardware on the desk and nightstands.
  •  Make some pillow shams and throw pillows.

master vanity

master vanity 2bedroom blog

The hall bath (Rosie’s bathroom) is a little hard to photograph because it’s so small.  We painted the walls and bead board, switched out the sink for a smaller one, and I made some curtains.  We plan on installing an exhaust fan/light and painting the walls a different color, again.  See, I told you I’m a little crazy with the paint.

up Bath

I’m saving Rosie’s room for a whole ‘notha show, I mean post.  I’m almost finished with her “big girl” room and I didn’t want to give out any details before the big reveal.  I promise it’s coming soon though.  Have you taken on any big renovation projects lately? Do you have any decorating obsessions?

Swing back by tomorrow ’cause I’m sharing my delicious veggie chili recipe.


4 thoughts on “The Potato House Tour Winter ’13

  1. kbaer0303 Post author

    Thanks! I thought about it, but I don’t think I’m ready to start a business yet. I like being able to spend a lot of time with Rosie and do the decorating/blogging thing part time. Maybe someday though!


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