My Sources for Vintage Furniture and Home Decor

To avoid having the Potato House look like the Showroom floor at IKEA,  I like to bring in some antique and vintage pieces to mix it up and bring some personality to the space.  Here’s a list of my sources for vintage furniture and home accessories.  If you live in the Louisville area, feel free to comment below on your favorite places, or if you live somewhere else, I want to hear about your vintage spots too.

Antique/Consignment/Thrift stores

I like to hit up Goodwill, Unique Thrift Store, and Habitat ReStore every once in a while, but most times you’ll find me at the small, locally owned shops. The mom-and-pops are where I usually get the best bargains and amazing finds. Check out some of my favorite stores in Louisville and what I’ve picked up recently:  

tickled pink memorabilia mall

Tickled Pink Memorabilia Mall – Try to say that 3 times fast.  Seriously though, I am in love with this place.  It is three floors and a garage/rough room packed full of tchotchkes, vintage dishes, toys, art, jewelry, Hall and Oates albums for your husband, (you’re welcome boo)…I could go on and on.  I love it because it’s clean and organized and surprisingly not overwhelming, like some of these places can be…ahem, Goodwill. And it’s so freakin’ cheap.  I usually come home with a big box full of stuff and never spend more than $30 or $40 at a time.

They’re closed on Fridays and Saturdays to restock.  I’ve never been there on Sunday morning when they open for the week, but the word is there’s a line of people waiting to get in.  Be sure to “like” their Facebook page, because they post pictures several times a week of the goods for sale.  Forget about calling dibs on something you see though.  You gotta race over to Taylor Blvd. and pick it up in person. It’s only fair y’all. Here are some of the awesome things I’ve picked up there:

blue ashtray soap dish

           Ashtray, around $4.  It’s in perfect condition and makes a great soap dish. I love the color.

jewelry ashtray

Large Ashtray, around 7 or 8 bucks. It’s on my bedroom desk and where I “stASH” my earrings. Ba-doom-boom.

Typewriter collage

Working vintage typewriter, $10!  I’ve seen some of these on ebay going for $90 or more.

mt fuji Collage

Mt. Fuji stitched piece. Around $10 I think.  I took it out of the 80s oak frame and put it in this Ikea Ribba frame.  The colors are so pretty.

melamine dishes play kitchen

Melamine dishes for Rosie’s play kitchen.  Dirt cheap.  I think they were a dollar.

Crescent Hill Trading Company – A cute little place on S. Bayly Avenue with some great finds.  Here’s what I’ve gotten there:

master desk

Desk, $35.  I sanded and stained the top, put a few coats of Minwax Clear Satin poly on it and painted the rest with Benjamin Moore Regal Select in “Collingwood.”  This is the one in our bedroom I talked about getting different pulls for here.  I was so drawn to those sexy legs.

duck block print

                                              Signed and numbered block print, $20.

hawaiian woman painting

Signed and framed painting, $30.  I just picked this up a couple of weeks ago.  There’s so much detail in her face.  Beautiful.

I also really like:

The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall – A huge antique mall with hundreds of booths.  They also have a rough room and it’s where I bought our dining chairs.  $50 for all 4.

Yesternook – I’ve only been here once, but I plan on making it one of my regular stops.  I bought some vintage lunch trays for Rosie and some wall art.

Greenhaus – This place sells craft beer, succulents, records and vintage home furnishings.  I brought home some really cool air plants and an Ella Fitzgerald album.

unique chair collage

These are some great chairs that a good friend of mine got at Unique thrift store for a steal.  She painted and reupholstered them herself.  I think I see a “guest post” in the near future…

Auctions and Estate Sales

I had always been scared of both of these.  Auctions because of TV, I guess. I didn’t want to scratch my nose and buy a $20,000 lamp.  Then I saw that some of my friends had “liked”  Floyd Street Stock Exchange on Facebook and we all decided to go check it out. They had a lot of mass produced, antique-looking, (think Restoration Hardware), furniture and home accessories, but they were selling some authentic antiques too.  My friend scored an antler chandelier and I bid on an antique, Japanese ship slave clock.  My clock only set me back 30 bucks and then I paid $40 to get a battery kit put in it.  I looked up the exact clock on ebay, and they are selling for $180 plus.  Score!

slave clock

As for estate sales, I’ve always assumed they were a snooty sort of thing where a family was selling off grandma’s 17th century furniture and I needed to get on some kind of rich people waiting list or something.  Plus,  I was a lit-tle uncomfortable with going into someone’s house (usually a deceased someone) and rummaging through their stuff.  Anyway, it just so happens, someone on our street had one last year.   Jeff went to check it out first and reported back that it was okay for me to go in. Whew!  We got this great piece of furniture for our TV to sit on for only $25.


So, I’ve officially overcome my fear and gone to a few other estate sales and auctions.  They’re not so scary. You can find sales in your area by just searching “estate sale” or “auction” on Craigslist.


Etsy is an awesome site for all things handmade, but check it, did you know that people have shops selling vintage furniture and antiques?  I haven’t bought any furniture yet, but I have gotten some really great, vintage prints and accessories.  Some of my favorites:



Space Rocket Store   

Charlie’s Nest

Patina Culture

Where’s your go-to source for antiques or vintage furniture? What is your favorite thrift store/auction/estate sale score?    


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