Last Minute Handmade Valentine Cards

easy valentine card diy

I totally planned on buying a box of Dora or Doc McStuffins Valentine cards, (weirdest cartoon name ev-ver, by the way), for Rosie’s class party and calling it a day.  I was staring at my computer a couple of days ago though, when she walked up with her little scissors and construction paper, “will you cut out a heart for me?”  Ugh… seriously? Another heart? When will this obsession end? I’ve been cutting out heart shapes for weeks and I’m checking my Facebook feed right now.

Hold on a minute. What is wrong with me?  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in computer stuff, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring to ballet, swim lesson and preschool, and then a week goes by and I haven’t sat down and spent any one-on-one time with her.  Go spend some time with your kid and make some Valentines, you crazy person.  So I closed up the computer, and told her I would not be cutting out one heart, but 25 hearts, because we were going to make Valentines for her class.  “Yippee! Can we use glitter?” Hell yes, we can use glitter.

valentine diy hearts

I cut 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of white cardstock into 4 cards, and then we gathered up some of my craft supplies, including several sheets of scrapbook paper, paint chips, glitter, buttons, stickers, glue, and of course, some googly eyes.  The printed papers are from The Paper Source  by my house.  They have a beautiful selection of craft papers and notepads with printed cards.  I love them for all types of crafts.  For the envelopes, I used these that I had leftover from Rosie’s last birthday party.

valentine diy envelopes

My job was to cut out several hearts and butterfly shapes from the paper, and Rosie was in charge of using an obscene amount of glue to attach everything to the cards.  She did a few drawings on some of them, threw on some glitter and we closed them up with some of her Hello Kitty stickers.  When she finished each card she would say, “this one is for Jack, or this one is perfect for Sarah…” I didn’t have the heart to tell her the teacher requested we not put the kids’ names on them, so they’re not spending hours passing out their Valentines.  Hopefully, she’ll be so excited to open her own Valentines that she won’t even notice.

easy diy valentine day cards

Stop growin’ will ya, pizzaface?

So anyway, this was a super cheap and easy project and we had a blast together.  When we were finished, Rosie asked me to, “take a picture of them because I worked so hard, and I want to remember them forever.”  OMG, how did she get so freakin’ cute?

Did you do any fun Valentine’s Day craft or baking with your kiddo? How do you spend quality one-on-one time with your kid?


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