Tuesday Etsy Roundup-Marbled Home Accessories

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a minute.  We’ve had tons of stuff going on for the last couple of weeks and I’ve been trying to figure out how to balance this work-family-blogging-exercise-clean the house thing.  I’m sure you get it.  Anyway, I’m going to try to write more often, even if it means that no one has clean socks.  I really love blogging, and ya need to make time for things you love, am I right?

So, on to the post.  I sweat some Etsy you guys.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a “global marketplace” of artists, craftspeople and collectors who set up virtual stores and sell their wares on the good ‘ole Internet.  I mentioned here, how much I love Etsy for vintage, home decor shopping.  I thought it would be fun to declare Tuesday, “Etsy Roundup” day.  Every week I’ll pick a theme, shop for home accessories and share the collection with you.

This week’s focus is “Marbling.”  A process that involves manipulating pigments with a straw or comb and applying the design to some kind of surface, like clay, paper, or fabric.  You’ll find a much better explanation of the process here.  This ancient technique with its striking, color combinations, is so hot in interior accessories right now.   I’ve come across it in all the major interior design magazines and home stores, including West Elm, Jonathan Adler, and Clayton Gray Home.  

So, here are my “marbled” Etsy finds.  I’m gonna try to control myself and not buy all of them, but seriously, I can’t take my eyes off of that clock.  

Etsy Marble Collage

1. Hand Marbled Porcelain Planter by LeahBall, $90. 

2. Marbled Wall Clock by ShannyBeebo, $50

3. Ceramic Serving Bowl by MudlovePottery, $54

4. Hand Marbled Cotton Pillow Cover by A Lunar Venture, $30 

5. Hand Marbled, Ebru Painted Card by Ebru For You, $14.12 

6. Beacon Hill “Dolomite Marina” fabric, Decorative Pillow Cover,

by Chic Decor Pillows, $110

I recently did a project for Rosie’s room using beautiful, handmade marbled paper (made by someone else’s hands, not mine) that I’m going to share with you later this week.  Do you own any marbled home accessories? Do you have any suggestions for future Etsy Roundup themes?


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Etsy Roundup-Marbled Home Accessories

  1. Missy

    Love the Potato House – the blog and the home! How about something Spring inspired as an Etsy roundup (we need the inspiration with all of these polar vortexes hitting us)?!


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