Tuesday Etsy Roundup – Come On Spring

Someone suggested a “spring” theme in the comments of last week’s roundup, and since she was the one and only commenter, she wins!  So here you go girl.  I’ve rounded up some bright and fun items for the home to lift you out of your winter funk.  Spring will be here real soon you all.  I promise.    Spring Etsy Collage


1.  Bouquet Photograph from kariherer– $30

2. Flower & Vegetable Seeds from Nimble Nite Cap (from right here in Louisville, KY!)

3.  Hexagon Planter by Light and Ladder – $32

4.  Origami Lampshade from Nellianna – $102.90

5.  “Vintage Umbrella” Beach Photograph from Caroline Mint – from $10.00

6.  Ceramic Birds from Desert Arts Pottery – $48

7.  Watercolor Floral Pillow Cover from  Eden Pillows – $22

Are you sick of winter too or do you enjoy the snow?  What theme would you like to see for future roundups?




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