Pom-Pom-palooza: A DIY Pom-Pom Garland

pom pom garland

I’ve just been finishing up a few small projects in Rosie’s room before I reveal her “big girl room” makeover.  One of the things I’ve been working on is a garland to hang above her bed.  I wanted something that would add a bright burst of color against her neutral walls, and give her something to gaze at during nap time.  I’ve seen some super cute garlands in kids’ rooms on Apartment Therapy, and I love this one from Land of Nod:

land of nod garland

and this cute, yarn pom-pom number from Etsy store House 129
Etsy Pom Pom garland

 I did a Pinterest search for some DIY inspiration, and fell in love with a garland from the blog, Dottie Angel.  I like how it looks messy and Bohemian with the fabric scraps, flowers, and the yarns hanging, but still goes with Rosie’s girly-girl theme.

First I needed to figure how to even make a pom-pom, so I hit up Google and found this great video tutorial from Creature Comforts.  I then headed out to buy some yarn from Joann Fabrics, (it was my first time buying yarn believe it or not).  Do you know that there are two and a half aisles of this stuff?  There’s some serious knitting going on in these parts you all.  While Rosie waited semi-patiently,  I picked out 5 or 6 different colors in varying weights and textures.  I busted out my iphone at checkout, and they let me use both the 40 and 50 percent off  “one regular priced item” coupons from their app, bringing the price to around $12.  Boo-yeah!  I actually had to go back and exchange the grey ones you see pictured though, because the yarn was too thin and my pom poms were super wispy.  Make sure you buy the thicker yarns for a nice, fuller pom-pom.

pom pom garland yarn

 I measured the width of the wall where the garland would hang, and then added 4′ or so to allow for the draping.  I figured I would need about 25 pom-poms to cover my space.  I didn’t come up with this number by actually doing the math, (Yeah, right.  I am sooo right brained), but by laying out the rope on the floor, placing a few pom-poms on it and guess-timating.  Every free minute I had last week was spent making pom-poms you guys.  While everyone else was staring at their phones at the car mechanic, I was that girl with the giant bag of yarn making pom-poms.


For the larger pom-poms, I cut out a 6″ x 2 1/2″ piece of cardboard and cut out notches on both ends to make this fancy-schmancy tool.  You could make a few of these in different sizes if you’re freaked out about wrapping your hand in yarn.  What? I could see it being a real phobia.  Wrap the yarn around the tool several times.  I lost count, but I would say it was at least a million hundred.  Then take a 12″ long piece of yarn and wrap it under the yarn on one side and tie a knot.

pom pom garland tool


Carefully remove your yarn bundle from the tool. Turn the bundle over and tie another knot with that same 12″ piece.  Cut through the loops on both sides.  Try not to cut through the strings that tie your bundle together or it will be ruined.  RUINED I SAY.  Give your cute little pom-pom a trim, but don’t cut the 12″ piece because you can use that to tie the pom-pom to the garland later.  I had Jeff pick up some rope from Home Depot for the garland, and got out some fabric scraps and Modge Podge to wrap it in a “quilted” pattern like Dottie Angel’s.

pom pom garland supplies

I cut the fabric in strips of 3/4″ x 10″, brushed on the Mod Podge , and wrapped the rope by holding it up and wrapping at a diagonal.  pom pom garland rope

I let it dry and then put it back on the floor for assembly.  I tied the pom-poms to the garland, added some silk flowers and sparkly ribbon with hot glue, and just hung it up there with thumb tacks. I then had to take it down because the boss said it needed more “sarkle bows.”  That’s not a typo.  She’s having a little trouble with the “s plus another letter” combo.  She’ll get it though.  It’s been 4 days and it hasn’t moved, so I think the thumbtacks are working out.  I left a little slack in the rope, in case we need to install hooks later.

 So here’s Rosie’s garland.  I’m obsessed with it.  We were sitting on her floor doing a puzzle and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the thing.  Watch out Jeff.  We’re about to have pom-poms on everything dude.

pom pom garland

pom pom 3pom pom garland close uppom pom garland 2


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