Tuesday Etsy Roundup- Arrows

My mind has been on arrows this week because #1- I’m dying to see The Hunger Games sequel and that Katniss Everdeen is a badass with the bow and arrow.  And #2 – Jeff has been fundraising for a local YMCA camp and it got me thinking about how I never had the chance to go to summer camp or try out archery, and therefore I’m never going to be a badass with a bow and arrow like Katniss Everdeen.  

“Rustic modern” decorating using arrows, faux animal heads, and tree stumps seems to be hangin’ on around here for a minute.  Check out this adorable nursery and this bedroom, both with vintage arrows as decoration.  I had a really hard time narrowing down on this theme, because there are a ton of really cool arrow items on Etsy.  I’m thinking seven or eight vintage arrows in a clear vase on our dresser.  It’s like a colorful bouquet that never dies, and it will be a constant reminder to get out there and try something that I never got to experience.  

Arrow easy collage

1.  Vintage Arrows from Flat Tire Vintage – $7.95 each

2.  Pillow Cover from Deco Mod Walls – $25

3.  Cloth Napkins (set of four)  from Rangemark – $32

4.  Machine Embroidered Hoop Art from Cabo Pickles

5.  “Be Brave” Nursery Printable from Rose and Julep Paper – $5 for pdf file

6.  Coasters (set of four) from Hello Nutcase  – $25

How would you display vintage arrows?  Do you like the “rustic modern” style or do you want it to go away?



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