Tuesday Etsy Roundup- Paris

Last night I was trying to talk one of my family members into getting married in Paris.  I’ve been to Paris before, but it was late October, cold, rainy and dreary, and I was just out of college so I was totally broke and ate McDonald’s everyday.  I need an excuse to go again.  A Paris do-over.  She’s going to be over that way next summer anyway, and she’s totally in love, so I don’t see why there should be a problem.

Have you been to Paris?  Did you or someone you know get married there?  Help a girl out and tell me her how amazing it was.

Paris Etsy Collage

1.  “Paris Je T’aime” (Paris, I love you) print from Menina Lisboa – $25

2.  Knob from Comfort Zone Central – $3.95

3.  Novelty gift, “Canned Air from Paris” from Cooperativ – $9.99

4. Paris Skyline Print from Art Pause – from $22.35

5. Tea towels from Mulberry and Fig – $10

6.  “Rainy Day Paris” print from Groovy Gravy  – $30


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