Tuesday Etsy Roundup- A Modern Little Girl’s Room

This week’s roundup is inspired by Rosie and her “big girl” room.  I promise I’m almost finished with it and hope to show it to you guys within a week.  If I don’t paint again.  Kidding Jeff.

I asked Rosie what colors she wanted in her new room and her answer was “all the colors in da rainbow.” Eventually, I got her to narrow it down to her top three – pink, hot pink and “golden.”  Umm…not in the rainbow at all, but anyway.  I figured she would choose pink because most of her clothes are some shade of it, and her very first complete sentence was, “Pink is my color.”  She follows just about every “pink room” stereotype there is too.  She truly is a girly girl.  My challenge was to give her a pink, fun, feminine room, all while making it modern, and leaving out the famous mouse and princesses for my own sanity.  Here are some Etsy finds that reflect that style:

etsy modern girl room collage


1.  White Diamond Front Dresser, by Luxe Artifacts  –  $795

2.  Wooden Japanese Kokeshi Doll, by Madame Paisleys – $8.70

3.  Ottoman/Floor Pouf, by Zelda Belle – $150

4.  Pillow Cover, by LaFeliz Celebrations – $38

5.  “Happy Girls” print, by Tara Photographics – $23

6.  Pink sheer curtain panel, by Eleptolis  – $20

Did you let your kid help decorate their room?  Did you follow a certain “theme?”  Did you buy any kids room decorations on Etsy?  What’d you get?




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