DIY Smartphone Case Cover

This week I’ll be posting a few really quick projects because Jeff has a house in the local home show, and I need to be around to help he and his business partner get a slideshow prepared, and iron blue jeans for local tv appearances.  I mean, shirts. Collared shirts.

smartphone custom cases

Anyway, first up is a little project I tackled a while back when I had to get a new smart phone. Don’t you just love how the technology is constantly changing and getting a new phone, requires a new charger, speaker dock and phone case?  Yeah, me neither.  I was bummed about shelling out more money for a new phone case, so I did a little search for DIY covers.  I came across all kinds of free templates online with fun designs that you print out and insert into a clear case,  but as y’all know, using your home printer ain’t really “free.”  Printer ink is like liquid gold, and I had tons of scrapbook paper laying around I could use instead.  So, I bought one of these clear cases on Amazon, cut out all kinds of different patterned paper, and made a different case for every day of the week.

smartphone custom case purse

I don’t really change it everyday, because that would be a huge pain in the ass, but at least I know I have options.

– My friends are like, “where’d you get that bomb-ass case girl?”

– I made it.

– Of course you did.

Some of my friends think just because I’m a little crafty, I make everything I own.  “I love that dress. Did you make it?”  Whaaat?!  Yeah right, who has time for that?

Cutting template smartphone custom cover

I found the template for my new phone here.  Don’t forget to uncheck the “scale to fit” box when you print it out, so you get the correct size.  If they don’t have one for your phone, just do a Google search for “insert brand of phone here template,” and I’m sure you’ll find a .pdf.  The first time around, I actually traced around the outside of my new, clear cover on to a piece of card stock, but the pattern ended up being just a smidge too big and when I tried to trim it, because of the curved edges, I royally screwed it up.  So trust me, save time and use a pattern.



  • Clear Smartphone Case – There are some on Amazon that cost only a few bucks, but that’s what I had last time, and it turned yellow and got scratched up pretty quickly.  I paid more for this one and it just feels better, and still looks new after having it for a couple of months.
  • Pencil
  • Scissors and Exacto Knife
  • Decorative Papers
  • Glue (optional)

Cut out your pattern with scissors, and then use your exacto knife to cut out the camera hole. Here’s a little trick I learned in design school.  Cut several slits and then cut out the shape.  It’s easier to get a more precise, accurate cut on small openings like this.

cutting camera hole smartphone custom case


Then, just pop your paper in the clear case and insert your phone.  It’s not necessary to secure the paper with tape or glue because the phone’s gonna hold it in there.

smartphone custom cases 2

The glitter paper, (which is super awesome by the way because it doesn’t “shed”), and most of my other scrapbook papers are from Paper Source.  I think it looks cool to glue a couple of different style papers together, or you could get really crazy and glue on a picture of your cat, your girlfriend, or David Bowie’s head.  Oh man, I love him.

Make your own case and send me a pic so I can post it on my Facebook page.  Speaking of Facebook, The Potato House reached 100 likes the other day! Woo-hoo! Keep ’em comin’!


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