Repurposed Spice Carousel

I was doing some pretty intense cleaning the other day.  You know, the kind where you start giving away everything you own and cleaning out the refrigerator with a toothbrush?  No?  You don’t do that?  Well, I was trying to get rid of some unnecessary stuff, and one thing that immediately caught my eye was a spice carousel that has been taking up prime counter space next to our cooktop for the past 7 years.  We never use it because we have one of those awesome pull-out spice racks in our cabinet, plus I don’t know what half of the spices are in that thing anyway. When do you use celery seed or caraway?  What the heck is caraway?

repurposed spice carousel before

I didn’t want to just toss it, because the carousel works fine and I think the rack cost us around 50 bucks.  Suddenly, I had an “Aha! moment.”  Ugh, I can’t believe I just said that.  Did anyone else hate when Oprah said that?  I love her, but it drove me bat shit crazy when she would cut people off mid- sentence, look out into the audience with her finger to her temple and say, “yessss!  You had that Aha! moment.”  Oprah, please.

Anyway, spice carousel.  It hit me that this spinning house of old, useless spices would be perfect for some of my small art supplies, like needles, beads, buttons and so on.  So I emptied all the spices in the trash can, and I’m telling you, they were so old, they didn’t smell like anything.  Not even that funky, licorice-tasting fennel.

Next, I put them in the dishwasher and then set them out on the counter for a day to completely dry out.  Jeff came home from work and goes, “what’s going on here? Are you moving the spice carousel downstairs for your craft supplies or something?”  I mean, seriously, how did he know that?  Cause my man is smart, I’m tellin’ you.  The total package.

repurposed spice carousel dishwasher

I took it to my basement craft area and starting transferring stuff from inside the Dave Matthews-sticker-decorated college art box, into these handy, clear containers.  Buttons, embroidery floss, sticks of chalk, and sewing needles are now neatly organized and easily accessible.  Aaaah, I heart organization.

repurposed spice carousel craft 3

repurposed spice carousel craft 2


Have you recently repurposed something in your house?  Do you have a craft room/area/closet?  Soon I’ll post pictures of Jeff building mine.  Yes, not only is he cute and smart, he builds craft rooms.  Paws off ladies.





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