This morning I finally came to the realization that summer is over.  Labor Day weekend marks the end for most people, but apparently for me it takes the slight chill in the air, seeing that my tomato plants are done-zo, and driving Rosie to her final year of pre-K, (sniff-sniff), for it to really set in.  As usual, it came and went in a flash, and I spent part of the morning crying reminiscing, looking at our photos, and gathering up some of our memories to share with you guys.  If family vacation slideshows aren’t your thing, hang out anyway because there are still a few design/color inspiration shots in here you may enjoy.

We started off the summer by taking a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina for a wedding.  A few years back, we had spent an afternoon there on our way to the beach, but had Rosie-the-Rambunctious toddler with us and really didn’t get to see all that much.  She didn’t come along this time, and although we missed her, it was great to spend time, just the two of us, exploring this great city further.  We stayed at an awesome, historic house right off King St., that I found on VRBO totally last minute.  We had a ball just sitting on the porch, with the slight breeze and smell of jasmine in the air, cocktails in hand, watching those crazy kids on King.  People watching is one of my all time favorite things to do, so I was really loving it.

Sitting on porch in charleston

Jeff and I are both design and architecture nerds buffs, so anytime we are childless, we like to walk or rent bikes and check out the local buildings.  We had a couple of hours to kill before the wedding, so we did an outside self-guided tour of the single houses, and the many incredible examples of Federal, Georgian, and Victorian architectural styles.

architecture in charleston 2

architecture charleston

Touring these homes made me want to come back to our house and build a small, natural-looking swimming pool surrounded by hundreds of native plants and flowers, all enclosed with a giant, brick wall with iron gates.  Apparently though, this is really expensive and not exactly “in our budget, or priorities for that matter”, according to my husband.  I said a small pool Jeff.

The wedding took place at a beautiful old plantation/park, right outside of the city.  The weather was perfect and ceremony absolutely beautiful.  Check out these gorgeous flower arrangements.

wedding flowers charleston 2 wedding flowers charleston reception table charleston

Speaking of gorgeous…

jeff and me wedding charleston

Ha! Lucky for you, I cropped the bottom half of the shot.  I’m positive I was blinding everyone within a one mile radius with my pre-pool, white-pantyhose-looking legs.

We went back home for a week and to swoop up Rosie, and then headed to St. Joe’s Beach Florida with some friends of ours.  They have a daughter around the same age as Rosie, which if you have an only child you’ll agree, makes the whole thing a little bit easier. Unfortunately, we had to deal with a bed bug fiasco for the first couple of days, (so annoying), but we were lucky to move to a new place, and we ended up having an excellent time.

port st joe shrimp sign sunset at port st joe Rosie and me on the beachheron on the beach rosie at the beach port st joe

We visited some state parks in the area, cooked some awesome seafood dinners at the house, and pretty much played at the beach most of the time.  Jeff even caught a huge shark.

jeff caught baby shark

Okay, not that huge.  And he threw it back so it could grow up with it’s little shark family and terrorize us next year.

Later in the summer, on Fourth of July weekend, we packed up the Hyundai and headed to the Red River Gorge to stay in a cabin with seven of our closest married couple friends and 15 other kids.  Yes, you read that right.  16 kids.  All in the same cabin.  Apparently we are insane.

jeff and rosie hike gorge

rosie on bridge gorge rosie and me at the gorge

It was actually a blast.  Everyone, (including the kids), got along great, and we spent the weekend hiking, climbing, cooking fabulous meals together, and hanging out by the campfire.

The rest of our summer has been spent doing fun, local activities, like hanging at the pool, going to the zoo and science museum, and enjoying play dates with friends.

Rosie at the zoo summer 14

I know I’ve said it before, but I feel so fortunate and cherish every second of my time together with Rosie.  I can already feel the time speeding by, so I try to spend as much of it as I can with her, before she turns into a teenager and locks herself in her bedroom for hours.

Here’s a shot of Rosie I took while we were taking a break from walking around downtown Louisville one afternoon.  I had just caught her sneaking sips of my coffee while I was checking a text message.

rosie at coffee shop

She definitely needs to work on that poker face.

Did you go anywhere fun this summer? I can’t believe it’s almost over and will be getting cold again soon, can you?


One thought on ““Too-much-fun-in-the-sun-atosis”

  1. Mary Ann

    Looks like you guys had a great summer! Tell Jeff I once caught a shark, too – mine was bigger! (threw it back – probably big enough now to eat all of us). That Rosie sure is a cutie!


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