Louisville Loves: Block Party Handmade Boutique

block party handmade buildingTucked in between the funky wig shops on 4th street in downtown Louisville, is an awesome, artist co-op/store called Block Party Handmade Boutique. They sell a hip and unique variety of wares; everything from jewelry to baby clothes, pottery and art prints, all handmade by “local and regional artists.”

I went in just to browse, and ended up buying this canvas and leather trimmed handbag.  I could tell immediately that a lot of time and craftsmanship went into creating this purse.  The artist who was working the shop said the person who made it actually screen printed the fabric herself.  Added bonus: all handbags were 20% off that day.

block party triangle purse


I had a reeeally difficult time trying to decide between two bags, so I carried both around the store on each arm for about 20 minutes like a total weirdo.  I finally broke down and texted pics to my stylist friend Ashley, who told me to go with the triangle bag.  That’s what I thought too,  but it was still nice to get expert confirmation.

smartphone custom case purse

I asked the artist/salesperson if she could put the other one on hold for about 6 months since it was more suited for my winter attire, and I couldn’t possibly buy two bags in one day or in one season for that matter.  She kind of laughed…  soooo I’m guessing that’s a “no”.

I also picked up this necklace on the clearance table for five bucks.  I want to wear it everyday, so I never have to, you know, explain my situation.  “Ohhh… that’s why that girl looks and/or acts all crazy.  She’s a Hot Mess.  It says so right there on her necklace.”

Block party hot mess necklace

They recently started an online store too, so if you’re not from around these parts, you can still get your Block Party fix.  I’m thinking about getting this “Pugs not Drugs” bag because it looks like my little Izzy on there.  I guess in her case, I should get one that reads, “Puggles not Druggles,” but I don’t think it’s available yet.

block party handmade pugs bag

And I need this to hang next to my bed.

Block party handmade print

Yes, I know.  Thank you.

If you do live in the Louisville area, you must stop in this month because my incredibly talented step-brother-in-law is the featured artist for September. Go there and check out his exhibit and buy something for your crib.  Here’s one of his pieces:

nick karl art


They have tons of “Louisville” inspired art work for sale there too.  I’m planning on going back soon to pick up something for a gallery wall  I’ve started in the basement with a “ville” theme.

What’s your favorite “locally owned” shop?  Where do you like to shop for artwork for your home?


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