Tuesday Etsy Roundup: Halloween for the Home

Autumn is my favorite season.  Cool, crisp air and changing leaves…boots and corduroy…consuming mass quantities of pumpkin-flavored whatever.  Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed the pumpkin flavored/scented/spiced explosion happening this year?  This stuff’s everywhere. I thought I was having a weird nightmare when I walked into Trader Joe’s the other day.  Pumpkin bread?  I get it.  Mochi ice cream and body butter? Now the shit’s out of hand.

What you can’t have too much of though, are Halloween decorations.  That’s not true. You can… and you can keep them out way past their allowed time and annoy everyone on your street. Don’t be that guy.  A few festive items here and there are the way to go.

Here are a handful-plus-one of my fav decorations for Day of the Dead and Halloween:

Etsy Roundup Halloween

1.  Boo! Printable art print, by PrintableWisdom –  $5

2.  Handpainted Mason Jar, by RMSimpleRustics – $14

3. Black Cat coaster set, by Polkadotdog – $13

4. Day of the Dead hand painted ornaments, by Bones Nelson – $24.99

5. Felt Pumpkin Garland by FuzzonMe – $27

6. Ceramic Skull Planter, by Mudpuppy – $42

Do you decorate for Halloween? What are some of your favorite pumpkin recipes?  I make a delicious pumpkin cheesecake every year for Thanksgiving using this recipe here.





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