An update on our foyer, ’cause I know you’ve been wondering

painted front door swing insideSo…I painted the front door last week.  I was cruising around the internet one afternoon and came across one of those “simple-weekend-projects-that-can-change-the-look-of-your-home-so you-can-turn-around-and-sell-it-for-$100,000-more-than-what-you-paid-for-it” type articles, and it was talking about how painting your front door is “a simple and inexpensive way to add a pop of color…blah di dee blah blah.”  By the way, I swear that will be the last time you read “pop of color” on this blog again.

I’m pretty sure they were referring to the door’s exterior, but it gave me the idea to paint the inside of our door and bring some color to the otherwise neutral palette going on in the foyer.  This project was not even on my mile-long to-do list, but when inspiration strikes in this house, you drop everything you’re doing and go full steam at that project and never finish it. Yeah, that’s how we do.

Painting front door before picture

I realized that I haven’t showed you all recent pictures of the foyer lately, (or most of the rooms in our house for that matter), so I wanted to bring you up-to-date on what’s going on around here. I painted the walls a chocolate brown color right after we moved in 7 years ago, so not only were we way overdue for a change, (I can not believe a single paint color was on the walls for this long under my roof.), but I was also kinda tired of it being so dark in there all of the time.  We have a covered front porch, and only one window in this area, so combined with the color it was dreary city.

foyer redo before pic

foyer redo before pic stairs

I wanted to go with something way at the other end of the spectrum, like a light grey or cream.  On the first go ’round, I picked out the color “Penthouse” by Benjamin Moore.  Sophisticated and modern, clean and bright, a shade reminiscent of a chic top floor apartment overlooking Central Park, just like the name implies.  Sounds nice, right? But oh darling, it was not.  It was so, so wrong.  Jeff came home from work and did that little gesture, you know the one where you hold your hand up over your eyes to shield them from the sun?  “What color are you gonna paint over this primer?”  Seriously? This is the second time that an all-day paint job has been mistaken for wall priming in this house.  How did this happen again?  And why on earth did I go ahead and buy 2 gallons of the stuff without doing a test swatch first?

foyer redo first paint color

I headed back to the paint store with my tail between my legs; this time asking for help from their on-site designer.  I should have done that the first time, but you see, a lot of interior designers have this weird pride thing where they feel like a failure asking for another designer’s advice, which is really stupid because picking out paint colors is what this girl does all day long.  She’s an expert in her field.  Anyway, my paint store, and I’m sure yours, has a designer that specializes in paint colors and lighting and which wallpaper you should use in the bathroom. You can bring in a throw pillow or show her pictures on your phone, and tell him or her what kind of lighting your dealing with, and most of the time, they will help you find the perfect color.  In this case, it’s “Royal Flax”, and it’s a nice, non-blinding beige-y grey.

foyer redo stair runner

We also installed a stair runner, (how-to coming soon), and my in-laws got us the braided, jute rug as a gift.  We’re talking about building a mudroom on the back of the house soon, (since that’s where we enter the house most of the time), so then we’ll be able to get rid of those coat hooks and all the “drop zone” clutter.  I can’t wait to make a pretty table for in there and maybe add some molding and framed artwork up the stairway wall.

foyer redo coat hooks

So finally…after all that…back to painting the front door. I did a little prepping by cleaning with one of those “magic” sponge things and then I caulked the cracks between the moldings.  I wanted a minty green/blue color, but I didn’t want it to stand out too much because it’s next to, and open to the living room, which unfortunately has not been updated in a while and consists of dark reds and browns mostly.  I Google’d the Ben Moore paint color “Palladian Blue,” to see how it looked in other rooms, and if anyone had an opinion about it.  Again, I collaborated with my paint store designer, who agreed that it was a great choice.

Here’s the BEFORE again; since I’m positive you forgot about it after all that wordiness:

Painting front door before picture

and AFTER:

front door paint after shot

Much better, right? The color is a subtle blue; not too bold and doesn’t compete with the colors in the living room.  This weekend, I’m working on doing some kind of shade for the window. We’ve never had one on there, and maybe I’m getting old, but lately it feels too open.  I can’t go to the kitchen in my underwear, and if you’re already standing in the hall or foyer, you can’t hide from salespeople.  I’m kinda over it.

Have you completed any paint projects lately? What kind of window treatment should I do?  I’m thinking either a roman shade or dressing up one of those cheap-y roller shades.  Do they still sell those?


5 thoughts on “An update on our foyer, ’cause I know you’ve been wondering

    1. thepotatohouse Post author

      Hi Jan! I considered doing a frosted film, (I did some on the windows of our old house and it worked out great), but in this house there’s really no other way to see who’s at the front door but through that window. I think I feel more comfortable with something I can raise, lower and peek behind to check for ax murderers. : ) Thanks for commenting!


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