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The “Where have you been girl?” post and another painted door

Well I’m back, and I’m so, so sorry I’ve been gone for this long.  My bad for deciding to take a leave and not filling you guys in.  Here’s why I took that sabbatical: I was writing a post a few months ago and Rosie came over, tugged on my pants, and with those sweet eyes looking up to me says, “Mommy, why are you on the computer all the time and not playing with me?”  That was it.  Mommy heart-broken. The thing is, I blinked and now my little baby will soon be riding the big, scary bus to kindergarten and I needed to spend some time with her.  Combine this sad scenario with working for Jeff’s company more, (including decorating a flip house that I’ll be sharing soon), and a couple of nasty viruses in-and-out of this house all winter long, and blogging was put off yet again.  You understand.

Maya growing up

Anyway, I really want to get back in the game without sacrificing precious Mommy-daughter/ family /making-real-money time, so I’m going to try writing shorter, more frequent posts or write while simultaneously doing the projects.  Perhaps never sleep.  We’ll see.


When I last left you a few months ago, I shared this post about painting the foyer-side of our front door.  Well, I managed to squeeze in a few painting projects over the winter and today I’m sharing another door project.

We have this tiny powder room, half bath, whatever you want to call it, in our first floor hallway.  This bathroom is crazy small because it used to be a coat closet, that is until we turned the original 1st floor bath into a pantry and relocated it into this unusually deep space and out of the kitchen.   I really don’t care that it’s small because now it’s out of the kitchen, (Bathroom in the kitchen. Gross.), and besides, it’s like Jeff always says, “what are you going to do in there anyway, have a dance party?”

powder room pic

We always leave the door open because this shoebox has a vent and turns into either a smelly oven or an even smellier freezer depending on the season.  So I’ve been trying to think of something fun to do with the door since it’s open all the time and when you’re sitting on the john with it closed, it’s right there in your grill.  Initially, I thought of some kind of reading material or puzzles Modge Podge’d into the panels for bathroom guests’ entertainment…  sheet music of popular songs, old maps, crosswords; something that would still look neat when the door is open.  I still may do that at some point.

For now though, I thought about Rosie and decided to paint the door with chalkboard paint.  I’ve been wanting to do a big chalkboard for her, like this one here and here, because she’s recently obsessed with asking us how to spell certain words and writing them out and she’s suddenly, way into art.  Not bad obsessions to have in my book.

chalkboard painted door

I prepped the door by caulking some of the cracks and doing some light sanding.  Chalkboard paint is flat so you’ll want to make sure your surface is really smooth, otherwise you’ll see all the imperfections and trust me, it will look real dumb. I bought the chalkboard paint from my local Ben Moore dealer and asked them to color match a separate semi-gloss paint for the door trim.

painted chalkboard doorIt took a few coats, but it was ready for stick people and adverbs the very next day. I bought one of those 3M plastic containers and spray painted it black to hold the chalkboard pens.

chalk pens

On the flip side of the door, we hung this door knocker I bought at the Floyd Street Stock Exchange.  (If you live around Louisville, you need to check this out.  It’s loads of fun and I’ve brought home some really neat things for cheap.  And they serve wine and have a food truck right outside. Win-win.)

door knocker painted

Our house is around 100 years old, so we have these skeleton key locks, which look really cool, but only about half of them actually work.  There have been many times when people get walked in-on in this bathroom, primarily by one particular family member who really has never heard of knocking.  So hopefully this weird, bearded dude will cut down on at least some of those awkward occurrences.

door knocker prime

I painted a coat of my go-to primer, Stix, from our local paint store Hikes Point Paint, and then mixed up some acrylic paint to make this bright teal color.  My lovely husband took 2 minutes out of his busy day and installed him with two screws.  I filled the screw holes with wood filler and painted over.  Isn’t he scary-cute? The door knocker, not the husband.

door knocker diy

So, has anyone painted a door or two since we last chatted? What spring projects are you guys working on?  I’m making some super easy curtains for our back porch right now.  I’ll be sure to show them to you in the next couple of days.