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Etsy Roundup- Accessorizing the Porch

Happy Friday friends!  I just couldn’t wait until next week to bring you the “Tuesday Etsy Roundup,” but I didn’t think it really mattered to you guys anyway since I haven’t done one in months.  (For you newbies, the Etsy Roundup is where I pick a theme and choose some of my fave home decorating items from the online marketplace “Etsy” and share them with you. It used to be on Tuesdays.)  Now it will be whenever I can fit one in and it’s relevant to whatever we’re working on that week.  Sticking with a Tuesday is way too much pressure for me. Cool with everybody? Great.

This week I’ve been pretty-ing up the porch and working in the yard as I’m sure lots of you are, so I thought we could all benefit from shopping for some outdoor accessories.  Our screened porch is where we spend a lot of our time in the spring and summer, and it was all kinds of dull with random furniture in shades of brown, beige and tan.  I’ve been brightening it up with some throw pillows, lanterns, fresh flowers, and art, and I can’t wait to share it with you in a couple of days.

Outdoor Accessory Collage

1. “Luv Ya” wooden sign by SlippinSouthern – $42

2. Vintage Wicker Patio Chair by Caprice Vintage- $70

3. Yellow Lacquered 14×18 Serving Tray by Gleaming Renditions – $33

4. Tropical Jungle Zipper Pillow Cover by Pillomatic – $18

5. String Lights (edison bulb) set by HangOut Lighting – $79

6. Small Concrete Flower Vases, set of three by AnsonDesign – $28